Superior Aluminum Products, Inc
555 East Main Street
PO Box 430
Russia,OH 45363
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Established in 1956, Superior Aluminum is an industry leader in the manufacturing of aluminum railings, columns, and fence. With over 60 years of honing their skills, the Superior team has perfected the practice to ensure all products that leave the facility are of the highest quality. Superior railings set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace thanks to the dedication to customization for each order. The Superior team of CAD engineers produces a shop drawing for each railing order which is utilized by the Superior Aluminum manufacturing team to per-assembled each piece of railing to the exact size needed for the project (to the extent shipping restrictions allow). Special styles, inserts, and decorative pieces can also be included and assembled by the Superior team. The advanced level of customization provided by the Superior team allows for on-site fabrication costs as well as ensuring each project is unique, beautiful, and safe.