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The ROCKWOOL Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation. ROCKWOOL Group offers a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry. Today, ROCKWOOL operates in more than 30 countries – with production in 14 territories from Canada in the West to Malaysia in the East.

ROCKWOOL is part of the ROCKWOOL Group. With 1000 employees, 3 factories and a fourth under construction, the North America operations offers a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial construction.

Stone wool insulation is made from one of nature’s most abundant resources –volcanic rock. Not only is it a naturally renewable and sustainable material, it also boasts a unique combination of benefits and lays the foundation for our business. ROCKWOOL’s insulation products possess outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties as well as a lifelong durability, making it the sustainable and cost-effective choice.

At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to enriching the lives of everyone who experiences our product solutions. Our expertise is perfectly suited to tackle many of today’s biggest sustainability and development challenges, from energy consumption and noise pollution to fire resilience, water scarcity and flooding. Our product range reflects the diversity of the world’s needs, while supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own carbon footprint.