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As a premium brand for polymer-based solutions, REHAU is a worldwide leader in construction, automotive and industry. Approximately 17,000 employees at more than 170 locations around the world ensure success of our independent, privately held company.

By addressing sustainable building priorities, REHAU has become a leading supplier of polymer-based solutions to construction projects throughout the world. Often widely associated as a global leader in high quality PEXa (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe, REHAU has a product range that encompasses renewable energy, HVAC and building envelope systems. REHAU’s contribution to the construction and renovation of high-efficiency buildings is unmatched in its quality and breadth. From generating renewable energy using geothermal probes to distributing it efficiently through radiant heating and cooling pipes, REHAU’s HVAC solutions deliver sustainable comfort. And with its high performance window and door department, building designers can create thermally efficient walls of glass that seal in this sustainability. For more information, visit