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Founded in 1994 Prihoda is one of the largest fabric duct manufacturers in the world. Fabric ducting and diffusers offer even air distribution, indoor air quality , comfort, cost savings up to 75% over traditional metal systems and are much easier to clean.Also known as duct sock or airsox the product is available in 9 standard colors, but custom colors and logos / silk screening are optional as well. Prihoda Fabric ducts are UL classified / ULC listed (meeting nfpa 90a), carry a 10 year warranty, and offer many installation types including track profile, cable and internal support to prevent the duct from collapsing/deflating when the unit is off. With our PMI material the Fabric Air Dispersion systems will not sweat, rust, or corrode, so they can be used in place of double wall spiral and in swimming pool environments for even more cost savings. In addition the PMI material has a built in antimicrobial, and Antistatic capability. Our newest material is our Prihoda Classic-re which offers all of the standard benefits of Classic material but it is made using Repreve polyester fibers that are made from 100% Post Consumer recycled content. We would be glad to offer design assistance with our software which has been verified with Ansys Fluent CFD software. We can help you choose the correct size, flow model and suspension type for your project. For more information on our fabric duct please visit