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Power Quality International, Inc. founded by Greg Ferguson, President and Shaun Ferguson, Vice President in 1993, leveraging three prior decades of experience as its foundation. Greg Ferguson has over 50+ years in the field of power quality dedicating his career to bringing to business and industry energy efficiency system solutions. Greg also was the founder of Ferguson Engineering Services Inc. [Canada] (1968), Electrical Testing Instruments Ltd. [Canada] (1973) and FES International Ltd. [Canada] (1985). Prior to incorporating these companies, he was a Protection & Control Engineer with Ontario Hydro [Canada].

PQI's first product was the design and installation of the very first Harmonic Mitigating Transformer that cancels zero-sequence harmonic flux within its secondary windings, eliminates zero-sequence flux in its core and zero-sequence current in its primary winding and acts as a phase-current balancer. The transformer also cancels positive- and negative-sequence harmonic current. The transformer is applied at the output of a large UPS, which supplies the critical loads in a data center.

By 2001, PQI completed the development of the HarMitigator™ product line. These products include dry type Power TransFilters™ to 15MVA, 35kV Class for all load types, cast coil Power TransFilters™ to 7MVA, 35kV Class for all load types, dry type Distribution TransFilters™ for all load types, 240V Power Distribution Units for data centers, dry type I0Filters™ and Mini-Z™ filters for zero-sequence harmonics. This selection of harmonic mitigating products gives PQI the ability to solve virtually any power system compatibility problem.

PQI has grown substantially over the past two decades, delivering solutions to North and South America, Asia, West Asia, and Europe. Today, PQI's focus on product innovations, technology, quality, and customer service has made it the undisputed worldwide leader in the area of total electrical system efficiency and operational integrity.

PQI's complete arsenal of energy efficiency electrical system solutions is supported by corporate headquarters in Odessa, Florida (part of Tampa Bay) as well as numerous sales and service offices located throughout the US, and Canada. PQI's global sales and service efforts are supported by its corporate headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida.

PQI's position as the leading manufacturer of harmonic mitigating and ultra-efficient low voltage and medium voltage class transformers, unsurpassed quality, the breadth and depth of product offerings, and the commitment to servicing its worldwide customers have resulted in measurable growth year after year.

Whether you are an owner or principal of a commercial operation or facility, a specifying engineer, utility, airport, mission critical operation such as a data center or hospital, or government operation seeking to achieve operational integrity while at the same time reducing energy-related costs throughout an entire operation, PQI can offer you the best system solution to ensure maximum compatibility for the loads at the lowest solution cost, with the highest ROI and Payback in the industry.

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