Parker Hannifin, Sporlan Division
206 Lange Drive
Washington,MO 63090
(636) 239-1111
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Parker Hannifin - Sporlan Division is the leading manufacturer of HVAC/R components. Using quality materials and craftsmanship, Parker Sporlan maintains a commitment to innovation, manufacturing excellence, service and support for its customers. The company is known for its Catch-All® filter-driers, thermostatic expansion valves, solenoids, pressure regulating valves, suction filters, electric valves, controllers, supermarket monitoring solutions, chemicals, SMART Service Tools and ZoomLock® braze-free fittings.

Sporlan traces its heritage to 1934, when the Spoehrer-Lange Company opened its business in St. Louis, Missouri and sold its first innovative thermostatic expansion valve. The trade name Sporlan was used on all products from the start, and the name Sporlan Valve Company was officially instituted in 1944. In 2004, Parker Hannifin Corporation, a global leader in technologies and systems, acquired Sporlan Valve Company, providing additional opportunities to expand the reach of Sporlan products.

Today, as a division of Parker, Sporlan continues to grow while remaining committed to its founding philosophy to build well-designed products, instruct on installation and application, service the product and the customers, and establish equable/firm sales policies, always with an emphasis on quality.

Parker Sporlan’s newest innovation is ZoomLock, the breakthrough 10-second crimping technology that is the safe, flame-free alternative for connecting copper HVAC piping.

Flameless means no more torches; no more gases; no more hot work permits; no more fire spotters; no more fire extinguishers and safety equipment; no more preventable sprinkler damage; and no more flames and fires. ZoomLock eliminates the need for oxygen acetylene torch kits, gas tanks, degreasers, fire extinguishers, safety equipment, hot work permits, nitrogen purging and assorted other items. All this costly, cumbersome equipment and work becomes unnecessary when ZoomLock is used.

Fast and flameless means more profit per job and more jobs per month. Early adopting contractors report time and cost savings of 40-60% per job. Such improved productivity puts more money directly on your bottom line helping your business win more business.