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Mason Industries has been a leader in the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for over 50 years. Our products are specified by consultants and architects here and throughout the world.

And now with Mason Industries Product Masterspec specifications, we hope you’ll find it even easier to specify our products for your most important clients and projects.

Specification 230548 contains our best recommendations for vibration isolation and seismic restraints written in clear Masterspec format. You’ll note we’ve added some very important requirements for flexible connectors, which are critical for proper vibration isolation of equipment and required by all IBC based building codes to protect vulnerable equipment piping connections. The industry’s best elastomeric flexible connector, the Mason Safeflex, is our primary recommendation for pumps and chillers located in mechanical rooms. Safeflex can also be used on cooling towers for vibration and seismic purposes. When fluid type, temperature, pressure or equipment location doesn’t match the capabilities of the Safeflex the Mason BSS family of braided hoses can be used. Only Mason offers complete stiffness data on all braided hoses. Based on extensive testing we have developed the stiffness values of all our braided hoses at different operating pressures.

Specification 230516 contains our best recommendations for expansion joints and flexible loops for thermal design and seismic design, where piping crosses building joints or anywhere differential motion must be accommodated. Innovations in our HEJ inline expansion joint design make it the best in the market. The Mason 60 Degree Flexible V Loop has revolutionized the use of loops for both thermal and seismic design, with extremely low restraint forces requiring much less pipe guiding and anchoring. And when it comes to pipe guides the all new Mason ASG Adjustable Sliding Guide makes typical spider guides a thing of the past.

Just in case you are wondering, Norm Mason has managed and operated Mason Industries continuously for the past 53 years and looks forward to at least another 50 years at the helm with continually improved product.

And when your projects require additional sound and vibration considerations, don’t forget that floating floors, walls and suspended ceilings provide total acoustical room isolation. Rubber bearing pads and spring mountings are used to support entire buildings and railroads. Our professional engineering staff is here to serve you in every way.

Please take a look at our Product Masterspec specifications and let us know if you need more information on any of our products.