Lamtec Corporation
5010 River Road
Mount Bethel,PA 18343
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Lamtec Corporation is the leading manufacturer of insulation facings and vapor retarders for the following markets and applications:
• Metal Buildings
• Mechanical (Pipe and Air Handling)
• Foam Board
• OEM (HVAC equipment and Appliance)

Lamtec offers the largest line of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classified and Factory Mutual (FM) Approved insulation facings for the Metal Building industry. The entire WMP series of products is specifically designed for Metal Building applications.

Our philosophy is simple, "Design and manufacture the very best in laminated insulation facing / vapor retarders, offer them at competitive pricing, deliver them on time and follow-up with comprehensive technical support".

Our technical resources actively work with the specification community on:
• Energy Code technical support
• COMcheck
• ASHRAE standards
• IECC model energy codes
• Low U-Factor insulation systems options for pre-engineered metal building walls and roofs
• Assistance in matching the right Lamtec insulation facing and vapor retarder to your application

Architectural and specification support tools can be found at