Hager Companies
139 Victor Street
St. Louis,MO 63104
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Time-Honored Craftsmanship: One Family. One Brand. One Vision.

Hager Companies is focused on being the one company that can offer a full line of quality door hardware under one brand name. The company legacy was built on durable solid and secure door hardware that is built to last. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s what we’ve done for more than a century. And when you’ve produced quality full-line door hardware products as long as we have, focusing on a line of architectural hardware that exceeds today’s building standards, you end up creating a very reliable line of products.

Since the late 19th century, we have carefully maintained our tradition of master craftsmanship and proudly handed this down to each new generation of the Hager family. Through the centuries, Hager has grown from forging wheel rims for Conestoga wagons to offering more than 6,000 door hardware products. The majority of Hager's traditional door hardware lines are American-made. Our St. Louis corporate headquarters is where our legacy began and continues to be the home to the company’s headquarters. Our Montgomery, Alabama, manufacturing facility creates the bulk of our traditional product lines and our four distribution centers help transport Hager products around the world.

Hager now offers 11 product lines including architectural and residential hinges, two types of continuous hinges, trim, threshold and weatherstripping, sliding door hardware, locks, door controls, exit devices, and access control products. With worldwide sales and distribution channels, Hager is able to provide our customers and the architectural community with the quality products they expect across broad product categories. We are not content with simply designing and producing quality products however. We are always looking for ways to expand our product offering to meet the needs of the constantly changing hardware and security markets. Hager has added a wide array of product recently to help fill out these established products lines even further. These additions include concealed vertical rod exit devices, narrow stile exit devices, mortise exit devices, a progressive line of overhead door holders and stops, a wide array of electronic and access control products, and expanded the lock line as well. The good news is we aren’t stopping there.

Along with our quality products and outstanding customer service, Hager provides complimentary Architectural Hardware Consulting services to hope you navigate through the specification process. Our in-house team will assist you from design through post construction, guaranteeing an objective specification every time. We look at hardware that fits the design, construction and code requirements of your project. What’s more, Hager’s specification writing experts can offer you another important benefit for your clients: a truly competitive product comparison that can amount to significant savings in the overall cost of your project’s door hardware. Whether it’s a project with one door or thousands - a project that is due in a month or due yesterday - our team of specification writers, consultants and customer service representatives are here to help.