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096933-Low-Profile Fixed Height Access Flooring
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096933 Low-Profile Fixed Height Access Flooring
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096933  Low-Profile Fixed Height Access Flooring

FreeAxez is truly the bridge between Architects and IT.

For over 25 years FreeAxez has pioneered simplifying the flexible work environment, using adaptive low-profile raised access flooring, in a broad range of spaces including offices, laboratories, broadcast studios, airports, control rooms, and government buildings around the world.

Gridd, FreeAxez’ patented raised floor system, is a cable management solution that provides buildings the ability to route and hide all information cables in an accessible and adaptable, low-profile, all-steel raised floor right under their feet.

This tool free raised floor installation can also distribute electrical energy using Gridd Power– a modular 50-amp electrical power bus system.

Facility maintenance and management is made simple using Gridd Mobile — an augmented reality app that allows technicians and facility managers to “see through the floor” and view cable layouts, flooring diagrams, and part numbers on their phone. Quick changes and modifications can be done easily and effortlessly.

Gridd is: All steel, made in the USA, UL listed in the US & Canada, GreenSpec listed, and meets the requirements of IAPMO Uniform ES, ASHRAE 90.1, USGBC, the IBC, ASTME84, and ISO 9001:2015.

FreeAxez provides complete design assistance with installation plans for Gridd, Gridd Power, and cable infrastructure. Integrated, modular, and accessible – that's Gridd.

The FreeAxez BIM Library includes everything architects and other building professionals needto design with Gridd raised floor in Revit. Start by downloading the FreeAxezGridd Project Package, then download additional Gridd Revit families for individual components. If you have questions or require assistance incorporating Gridd Revit families into your BIM projects, you can contact our design assist services at

Get started with FreeAxez Gridd in Revit today.

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