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040140.61 STONE REPAIR
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040140.61  STONE REPAIR

Since 1975 Conproco has developed and manufactured products that extend the useable life and preserve the original aesthetics of our structures. Every product we offer is water-based and friendly to our environment.

Concrete Repair

Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the most common cause of failures in concrete.  This section is separated into five categories: Aesthetic Repairs, Vertical & Overhead, Horizontal, Crack Injection and Machine Applied.  Each category is further divided into sub-categories to aid in finding the right solution for your problem.

Masonry Restoration

In most cases restoring masonry structures involves materials that meet specific physical properties as well as restoring aesthetic characteristics.  We separate the types of repair into six categories: Natural Stone, Terracotta, Brick, Ornamental Precast, Repointing and Crack Injection.  This make choosing the right product for any situation simple.

Protective Coatings

Weather, freeze/thaw, water, environmental contaminants and physical abuse are examples of forces that cause deterioration of structures.  Choosing the right protective treatment for a structure is dependent on a variety of factors including the function of the structure (high rise, courthouse, educational building, monument) the type of substrate (brick, concrete, natural stone, terracotta) and age of the structure. 

Exterior Wall Systems (EWS)

Often it is more economical and practical to restore a building by applying a new resilient facing that will improve aesthetic characteristics and provide long term protection.  We offer two different Portland cement based exterior wall system; direct applied and reinforced with metal lath.  The substrate defines which is appropriate for a specific application.