Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product MasterSpec?

ARCOM's Product MasterSpec is an edited standard MasterSpec section modified to favor your product. It is intended to be used at your discretion by specifiers rather than the standard MasterSpec section.

Do you post my company specification?

No. We will use the standard MasterSpec section where your product type appears as a basis of design document. This ensures that your final Product MasterSpec document adheres to the MasterSpec standards and the licensee can use our proprietary editing tool, Masterworks, to make any necessary adjustments. Working together, we will mutually edit the standard document to become your Product MasterSpec.

What can I edit in the MasterSpec specification to favor my product?

First, you will make your product the “basis of design.” This means the specifier states that your product is their first choice for the project. Second, you will make your product’s most prominent features requirements that any proposed substitutes must equal. Lastly, we recommend you reduce the list of available product manufacturers to “no substitutes” or two competitors if necessary.

Where will my product MasterSpec appear?

ARCOM will post your Product MasterSpec on our company web site in two places. One is where the full library of all Product MasterSpecs can be found. Our experienced MasterSpec Licensees know that this library will have your document. It will also appear in the related standard MasterSpec section and is easily downloadable from there.

Also, we suggest that you post it prominently on your web site where your specifications are found. We will supply you with the Product MasterSpec logo that will alert the MasterSpec user that it is available.

Best suggested use?

When entering a professional office for a call, have the goal in mind that they will use your Product MasterSpec for their next project. After a continuing education or “lunch and learn” presentation you can offer your Product MasterSpec as a way to call out your product as the “basis of design.” You can point out where it can be found in MasterSpec or on your web site, or offer to load it “on the spot” to their directory.

Second “Best Use” – Often, specifiers request aid as they complete specification sections where they are not familiar with requirements. When asked by a specifier to help them with a specification, send them the completed Product MasterSpec for their use. Because it has been prepared in advance, you can meet the request with minimal effort and supply an approved MasterSpec document.

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