Watts Radiant; A WATTS Brand
1630 East Bradford Parkway Suite B
Springfield,MO 65804
(800) 276-2419
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Watts Radiant is the largest American-owned radiant heating company in North America and the only company with strong product lines in both hydronic and electric radiant heat technology. From athletic fields to bathrooms, Watts Radiant has more options for radiant heating than anyone.

Watts Radiant is a manufacturer of radiant heat components and a supplier of materials from Watts companies around the world. Watts Radiant has degreed engineers on staff and publishes Radiant Works, their proprietary heat-loss design software.

Watts Radiant design and supply components for snow melting, turf warming, rootzone heating, permafrost protection, domestic water and hydronic or electric radiant heat systems. By incorporating sustainable, high-efficiency technologies like geothermal and solar, Watts Radiant ensures the comfort of your clients while keeping cost and environmental impact at a minimum.

Free design assistance, industry training and excellent technical and sales support complement Watts Radiant comprehensive product line, making it an easy choice for your next radiant project.