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Vetrotech: The original fire-rated glass specialist

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain's innovative products have been available to the North American market since the 1980s. We were the first company uniquely specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of fire-resistant and security glass. For us, there can be no compromise: safety always comes first. We are also the first and only fire-rated glazing company to provide EPDs, HPD’s and LCA’s, providing transparency to our sustainability initiatives. We offer our customers efficiency, comfort, peace of mind and superb aesthetic quality and multifunctionality for designers and architects all around the world. Our production facilities have been producing fire-rated glass at our state-of-the-art factories near Seattle, Washington since 2000. Since our first UL listings dating back to 1983, Vetrotech has played an important role in standards development for fire-resistant safety glass. Our specially adapted product range is certified according to leading North American fire-test standards and in full compliance with building codes. This means we can satisfy the needs local markets.

We provide a range of fire-resistant products including:

• Fire-rated doors, framing and curtain wall

• Impact, intrusion, bullet, and hurricane-resistant glass

• Full line of clear and ceramic fire-rated glazing rated from 20 to 180 minutes

We promise our customers the consistent delivery of excellence and reliable performance of standard solutions, and in value-creation for their more complex offerings with our quality, multifunctional products. Regardless at which site our products are made, they are produced on comparable equipment to the same high quality standards. On average, we conduct a fire or security test somewhere around the world at least once a day. Whether in our own accredited fire test laboratory, or at any number of third party facilities, our team of expert technicians stand side-by-side with you to achieve the results you need. This is how we help our customers respond to the ever growing safety and security challenges faced today. Together, in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust, we can tackle any project ranging from new system developments to custom project applications.