Switchlite Privacy Glass (switchable glass); a brand of Pulp Studio, Inc.
2100 West 139th Street
Gardena,CA 90249
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Pulp Studio, a pioneer in the glass industry, has been committed to the technical development and manufacturing of specialty glass products since 1996. With a proven track record of notable projects over the past twenty years, both national and international the Los Angeles based company is recognized for producing superior architectural glass products. In addition to Switchlite Privacy Glass, Pulp Studio also offers laminated glass with a variety of decorative interlayers as well as a large selection of patterned and custom glass applications, all produced in their Los Angeles factory. Pulp Studio also provides safety glass with enhanced UV protection, sound attenuation and superior maintenance qualities. They are unique not only in their variety of glass materials, but also for their commitment to servicing architects' and designers' needs in compliance with environmental regulations and building codes.