STC Sound Control
1200 Northland Ave
Buffalo,NY 14215-6396

STC Sound Control makes acoustical products for interior construction that seal sound flanking paths, control reverberation, and limit impact noise transmission.

ACOUSTIC SLEEPER: Pads made of solid neoprene rubber provide high Impact Insulation Classification (ICC) for floors.

• Pads adhere to the underside of a span-rated wood panel.
• IIC-50 is required in dwelling units and sleeping rooms (IBC 1207.3), easily attained with the IIC-18 of the sleeper system.
• Floats on top of concrete or wood subfloors. Less than 1% of the floor surface is in contact with the subfloor. Outperforms mat underlayment systems and accepts any finish floor.
• Integral part of UL Design L563, System 1, a 30-minute fire-rated floor system for wood trusses, commonly used in 3-story frame construction for apartments.

BOX SEAL: Electrical outlet box seals made of solid neoprene rubber, fit to the wall plate and device as a gasket.

• Improves the effective sound isolation performance of partitions by sealing the holes in the gypsum board at the recessed outlets.
• A back-to-back outlet has an STC-19; with the Box Seal it improves to STC-26. Better than putty pads.

HI-SABIN PANEL: Uncovered melamine-based foam sound absorption panels, Class A, that adhere to ceilings or walls.

• NRC-1.25 for panels that are spaced and furred (ASTM E795 Type J mounting).
• Cost per sabin is less than half the cost of a lay-in acoustical panel ceiling. Ideal for exposed structure applications.

MULLION SEAL: Strip of solid neoprene rubber that seals the joint between the end of a partition and the mullion at window walls.

• Patented offset adhesive attachment maintains the seal with movement due to interstory drift, thermal expansion, or wind loads.
• 5% of the cost of other sound sealing systems for mullion/partition joints.
• Clean, not clunky, and no attachment to glass.