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Since 1982 SPI has been producing a variety of specialty value add products for Thermal, Acoustic and Fire Protection applications to service Commercial, Industrial, Marine and OEM markets.

Absorption Plus® - Full line of Acoustic Wall and Ceiling panels, control reverberation and reduce sound transmission and can also contribute to energy savings.

-Outstanding acoustic performance as tested by an accredited lab to current ASTM standards.

-Finished panels comply with CODE required Class A fire exposure performance for life safety.

-Typical lead time for custom panels is 2-4 weeks ARO VS typical industry standard 6-8 weeks.

-Full offering of manufacturer fabrics and colors.

-Wood crates prevent panel damage in shipment and storage that can result in project delays.

PG BOARD TAF™ - A unique thermal insulation system specifically designed for unconditioned parking garage, mechanical, electrical rooms, etc. as required for CODE compliance.

-Panels provide stable, long term thermal insulation in single or dual layer system.

-Panels available with R values of up to 32.8 at 8” thick in a single layer.

-The mineral wool insulation is non-combustible and fire resistant up to 2150°F.

-Paper free facing provides superior mold and mildew resistance for high humidity environments.

-Bright white facer provides unmatched light reflectance at 85% for potential lighting savings.

-Optional perforated facer provides an NRC of 0.70 at 4” thick for effective sound absorption.

SafeLite® - Fire Protection, Sound Blocking and Thermal Insulation - UL certified and patented SafeLite ceiling fixture covers.

-Broad application coverage for can lights, speakers and fixtures up to 20” x 60”.

-UL certified with 1, 2 and 3 hour assembly designs for varied construction and fixture types.

-Effective fixture sound blocking with independent test verification of CAC performance.

-Covers provide an effective R Value of 5.25 for heating and cooling season energy savings.

-Made to order for a proper fit on all fixture types and sizes.

-Quick and easy to install, reduces overall cost.

In addition to Acoustic, Thermal and Fire Protection products, we also produce a full line of value add mechanical insulations for plumbing, HVAC pipe, duct and equipment applications that offer energy savings, condensation control, noise reduction, freeze protection, process control and personnel protection.

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