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Oval Brand Fire Extinguisher


Oval Innovation Means… Unparalleled Design Flexibility
• Fit a FULLY-RECESSED, fire-rated extinguisher cabinet in a STANDARD-DEPTH wall
• Never again build out a wall to 6" or 8" simply to accommodate a fire extinguisher
• Fully-recessed cabinets can be installed in a 2-1/2" studded partition or a 6” masonry wall, saving construction costs & valuable real estate
• Flush fire rated cabinets can now fit into 3-5/8” studded partitions
• Slender profile allows for design flexibility, better aesthetics and clutter reduction along hallways and corridors
• Oval Brand fire extinguishers look great and complement any décor

Oval Innovation Means…You’re Now in Compliance
• The Oval Brand fire extinguisher always complies with ADA, IFC, AODA, ICC/ANSI A117.1 and ISO 21542 protruding object limits when surface mounted and installed in accordance with NFPA 10
• Complies with all state and local building codes

Oval Innovation Means…More Secure Mounting

• Our patented button hook is the most durable and safest design available
• Our button hook design allows the extinguisher to rotate nearly 90° in either direction without falling, reducing risk
• Oval Brand fire extinguishers are more likely to stay mounted to the wall or column when bumped
• Attaches to a wall or column with a single fastener

Oval Brand Fire Products is innovating the fire protection industry to increase safety and improve design. Oval Brand offers the world’s slimmest fire extinguishers in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing form that is as much as 40 percent slimmer than standard 5-pound and 10-pound portable fire extinguishers. Oval Brand’s fire products are made in the United States from more than 85 percent domestic materials. Its innovative designs make working with fire safety easier for architects, installers, fire marshals and fire extinguisher service technicians because they are more convenient, the most ADA compliant, and the safest comparable fire safety equipment on the market today.

The United States Patent Office awarded Oval Fire Products Corporation U.S. Patent Nos. 9,364,696, D760,443, and D760,444 for Oval Brand’s innovative fire extinguisher designs. Oval Brand’s fire extinguisher bracket, also referred to as the button hook, is patented under U.S. Patent No. D777,566. Oval Brand's standpipe outlet valve is patented under U.S. Patent No. 9,555,272.

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