MechoShade Systems, Inc
42–03 35th Street
Long Island City,NY 11101
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Mecho was founded in 1969, and filled a market void for window coverings that were both durable and reliable, yet uniquely designed. To this day, no competing roller-shade manufacturer can match the high-quality solar protection with a view created from Mecho’s patented research and development.

The oil crisis and resulting energy conservation initiatives of the 1970s led a then-growing Mecho to design revolutionary, software-controlled, automated-shading systems that would reduce reliance on electrical lighting by maximizing the use of daylight. Further sustainability gains would follow, with the development of technology for minute-to-minute solar predictions and detecting BTU loads on windows.

Solar Protection with a view continues to inspire the current Mecho product line, ensuring a reliably sustainable shading solution, tailored to your needs.