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It’s what’s on the inside and outside that counts. On the inside, we’re a company founded on the principles of honesty, service and integrity. Our commitment to building a culture of excellence starts with an understanding that reliability and responsiveness are at the core of a productive customer relationship. It’s an understanding that sets our company apart. On the outside, we strive to develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality exterior systems to a regional, national and global marketplace. Our products include Fiberstucco, EIFS, Acrylic Finishes, Interior Coatings, Drainage Systems and Liquid Applied Barriers. Architects, builders and contractors can trust and depend on Master Wall® for competitive pricing and maximum performance. After all, our people and products have been finishing strong for over 30 years.

Finishing strong for over 30 years.

Master Wall, Inc.® began in 1987 with the simple goal of manufacturing the best products available in the marketplace, crafted by people who care about the industry.

We experienced early success in residential and commercial construction, serving primarily the southeastern United States.

Over the years, product acceptance and recognition grew. Applicators appreciated the smooth workability for better-looking jobs while architects trusted the common-sense approach to design assistance. Continued growth helped Master Wall® expand to national distribution and recognition. Today, our products are available through our global distribution network.

Manufacturing expanded rapidly to meet product demand. Starting from a relatively small facility, new personnel and equipment were added to improve production and efficiency.

Our Lithonia, Georgia manufacturing plant and our Columbus, Georgia corporate facilities now occupy over 50,000 square feet. We also have manufacturing facilities in Utah and Texas.

Care and experience is key to a quality product. Steve Smithwick, President of Master Wall®, has over 40 years experience in blending and process manufacturing. He served for seven years as a plant manager for a leading EIFS manufacturer in the United States and was instrumental in setting up that company’s largest domestic operation and first overseas facility. Additionally, Master Wall® has assembled a management team with over 100 years experience in the EIFS industry. Our team consists of all facets of business associated with our trade: Sales, sales management, technical field services, architectural support services, national account services, product development and financial management.

Mission Statement

To manufacture the highest quality EIFS and related products (coatings, adhesives, etc.) available in the market.

To be the service leader of our industry in the region and areas that we market our products. To be respected in our industry because of honesty and integrity within our ranks.

To encourage our employees to set the highest standards possible for their careers and their personal lives by supporting them through education, training and sharing any God-given wisdom we may obtain.

To compensate all employees in such a way that they can support themselves and their families in a comfortable manner.

To seek God’s guidance in all decisions and to give Him glory for any results.