MTU Onsite Energy Corporation
100 Power Drive
Mankato,MN 56001
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MTU Onsite Energy is one of the core brands of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG which is a world-leading provider of high- and medium-speed diesel and gas engines, complete drive systems, power generation systems, and fuel injection systems for the most demanding requirements.

MTU Onsite Energy offers complete power system solutions: from mission critical to standby power to continuous power, including Combined Heating and Power (CHP). Providing reliable power for a wide range of applications such as, healthcare, data centers, airports, farms and independent power stations.

Our product portfolio covers:
- Diesel generator sets:
30-3250 Diesel Generator sets
Prime, Standby, Mission critical, Data Center, and Continuous applications
- Gas-powered generator sets: 30 to 400 kWe
Natural Gas
Liquid Propane
Dual fuel (LP/NG)
- Gas-powered cogeneration (CHP) systems: 100 to 2,535 kWe
Unit can be ran on Natural Gas, Biogas, and other gases
- Medium-speed engines for land-based energy solutions up to 9,300
Gaseous and liquid fuel solutions

Product Highlights
• Best in class transient behavior
• Industry leading ratings – 85% load factor for 500 hrs/year (standby)
• EPA certified products
• UL and CSA certified
• IBC 2012 certified