MKT Metal Manufacturing
460 Grim Lane, Suite 2
York,PA 17406
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MKT Metal Mfg. is a hybrid OEM/job shop manufacturer of commercial, industrial and multi family residential sheet metal HVAC duct and accessories. We say “hybrid” because although we’re bound to OEM production methods, we cater to the often chaotic construction job site schedule, much like a job shop.

After establishing in 2004, MKT quickly grew into a market leader in quality, service, innovation and acceptance by the engineering/design community. Based in York, Pennsylvania, MKT directly serves some of the best demographics in the United States important when considering today’s industry’s concerns on LEED and carbon footprints. Having our own fleet of trucks as well as overtheroad services allows MKT to get product where it has to go on customer’s time frames, not ours. Major markets are “spokes on the wheel making York & MKT the hub”. Still a major manufacturing center in the US, York, PA offers some of the best labor as well as other production facilities to augment our own shop capacities.

MKT began as a “factory direct supplier” and found, over time, is where we’ve been most successful. In certain markets where the culture dictates, MKT does work with distribution, but thus far on a limited basis. MKT has made “field to factory” communication one of our basic functions that separates us from other large producers. Simply put, it allows the customer’s field personnel that is installing MKT product to communicate directly with the specific MKT department responsible. This cuts out the “multilayered” communication scenario while providing an installer a direct conduit eliminating confusion, interpretation and time delays.

MKT’s products range from basic rectangular T.D.C. duct, to longitudinal seam welded, round duct, to gasket sealed spiral duct, to high end 316 stainless welded food grade components, to mill applied, antimicrobial metal for suppression of molds, mildews & microbial growth. MKT also represents other products that compliment what we manufacture in house, including MIRO Industries non penetrating rooftop supports, ATC textile duct and AgIon antimicrobial coated steel, a product of AK Steel, Middleton, OH.

MKT begins the sales cycle with our highly trained, inside sales force, a majority, of which, were brought in from our production department. Not only capable of providing a comprehensive, detailed scope with our proposals, our personnel will make “VE”, value engineering recommendations to help the customer gain work with innovative, cost saving ideas. Proposals are provided as quickly as possible. MKT Territory reps are the “tip of the spear”, educating both contractor & design firms about our many products & services. MKT stays relevant with CAD & BIM services provided by off campus associates, experts in digital formats and communications.

From “soup to nuts” MKT offers a complete package of products and services to mechanical contractors, sheet metal contractors. Our business model has been growing since we opened our doors. Expansion into other markets is our next focus.