KOSTER American Corporation
2585 Aviator Drive
Virginia Beach,VA 23453

KOSTER American Corp., a subsidiary of KOSTER BAUCHEMIE, is part of an international network of 24 companies in 47 countries. Established in 1992, KOSTER American is the recognized industry leader for high performance Floor Moisture Vapor Control and Building Waterproofing products, synonymous with innovative product systems and the highest standards of customer service.

KOSTER is the manufacturer of VAP I® 2000, the innovative line of floor moisture mitigation systems that began as the first such product in the U.S. market. KOSTER Waterproofing products include basement & containment waterproofing, crack injection, concrete protection & restoration, waterproofing against rising damp, and facade waterproofing.

KOSTER Flooring systems are versatile to meet your design and technical needs. KOSTER Chip/Quartz Floor systems offer decorative and durable surfaces, while KOSTER Shop Floor systems withstand heavy wear and chemical, thermal, and mechanical stresses. KOSTER Urethane Cement Flooring systems are tailored to the utmost demanding conditions and are chemical and temperature resistant. KOSTER UV Cure polyurethane floor coatings eliminate the use of floor wax and provide an easy to clean, extremely durable, high shine surface.