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Hufcor, the leader inflexible space management and operable partitions, is a global company based in Janesville, Wisconsin. AtHufcor, we exist to shape the experience that people have within a builtenvironment – we are in the business of space management. Offering the widestrange of glass, operable, vertical lift and accordion partitions,our products shape space by providing flexible sight and sound separation andenable our customers to control the atmosphere and experience of their space.

Shaping your experience is not just about what we do, buthow we approach business. Committed to advancing what is possible in space management,we are consultants that have more, do more, and deliver more for our customers.Every day we work with architects, contractors, and building owners acrossmarkets to help them maximize the utilization of their space to realize what ispossible. We shape our customer’s experience through the breadth and quality ofour expertise, capabilities, and products along with our inherent drive tosolve problems. This uniquely positions Hufcor to reliably deliver exactly whatis needed.

Hufcor is the mostinstalled brand of operable partitions worldwide. We offer our customers aglobal solution through dedicated manufacturing facilities in the UnitedStates, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, China, and Malaysia. With its vastdistribution network, the company’s products have been installed in hotels,convention centers, schools, universities, and places of worship throughout theworld.


·Hufcor was founded in 1900, and today is aprivately held corporation headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin USA in a 310,000sq. ft. office and manufacturing facility.

·Hufcor encompasses the globe with a network greaterthan a hundred of experienced distributors and sales offices.

·Hufcor achieved ISO 9001 registration in1996. ISO registration confirms that we have processes and systems in placethat conform to international quality standards.

·Effective sound separation is a criticalrequirement of operable partitions. Hufcor built an acoustical testing laboratoryin 1969 that is still used today to validate our operable partition soundratings. Hufcor’s sound laboratory is accredited by the NationalVoluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) -- assurance that tests areconducted under strict procedures.


All products are custom manufactured to the projectrequirements. Although we offer a comprehensive selection of partitions,occasionally our "standard" products won't meet your needs. For thoseprojects, we can modify products for specific design requirements, including:

·Panels for steps

·Panels for sloped floors

·Special header conditions

·Taller Heights

·Special Finishes