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Flexmar Coatings is the original formulator of polyaspartic coatings for residential and commercial concrete floor surfaces. Our premium polyaspartic coatings are available in the US and Canada through our knowledgeable, authorized distributors, and our coatings can only be applied by our extensive network of skilled, qualified applicators.

Flexmar is the industry leader, innovating polyaspartic coatings technology to provide the most user-friendly products on the market. All Flexmar polyaspartic coatings are 0 VOC, virtually odor-free, and can be applied in just about any temperature, from -30°F to 150°F. They dry in about an hour, and the floor surface can be returned to service in approximately the same amount of time. And that’s just the beginning of the story.

The durability and performance of Flexmar Coatings is simply unmatched. Drive a car on our coatings. Or a plane. Spill household chemicals or food on them. Expose them to the harshest sunlight. Floors protected with Flexmar polyaspartics will still look like new. No damage. No wear. No blisters. No chips. No yellowing. No fading. For years.

And our polyaspartics can contribute toward satisfying credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

From vinyl chip, quartz, or silica sand-broadcast polyaspartic coatings systems to solid color polyaspartic coatings systems and beyond, Flexmar has a look that’s perfect for your project.

Get the whole story. Visit our website to learn more about Flexmar polyaspartic coatings, or give us a call today!

Flexmar Coatings: Simple by Design