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CornellCookson, a division of ClopayBuilding Products,is a leading rolling door and grille manufacturer with facilities in Goodyear,Arizona and Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. With history reaching back to 1828,CornellCookson product solutions can be found in stadiums, distributionfacilities, hospitals, hotels and museums, as well as a variety of otherfacilities where reliability, security and life safety is vital. CornellCooksonproducts are available through a worldwide network of more than 700professional dealers. 

CornellCooksonoffers much more than the standard service, insulated and fire doors that areoutlined in our MasterSpec. We also offer grilles, shutters and specializedrolling door products – such as:    

TheMicroCoil Extreme300 Series Grille is ideal for parking garages with limited headroomand ADA compliant facilities. This grille is perfectly engineered for a smallfootprint and low ceilings – requiring nearly 50% less headroom than othersecurity grilles. It also features a springless design which requires nomaintenance, other than routine checks, and no replacement parts for 300kcycles.    

TheSmokeShieldElevator Closure is the most design adaptable hoistway smoke curtainin the industry. By sealing in front of the elevator, the curtain makes itpossible to eliminate the IBC elevator lobby requirement, giving the freedom todesign an open a space that would otherwise require an elevator lobby.    

TheSteelWeaveMetal Mesh Grille complements and enhances any buildings designwhile still providing security. It features a durable type 316 stainless steelcurtain that comes in two standard curtain designs and three special ordercurtain design. In addition to an aesthetically pleasing security grille, it isalso ideal as a room or space divider.  

TheStormDefenderDoor is designed specifically with life safety in mind for safe roomprotection against tornadoes and hurricanes. This door is tested and certifiedto ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361, third edition code standards. It is big onsecurity and design – it is invisible until called into service. The sleekconstruction allows for virtually undetectable embedment into precast concrete,creating minimal protrusion into the space.

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