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Adfast product line catalogue


For over 30 years ADFAST has provided a full line of sealants, adhesives, and polyurethaneinsulation foams to meet the most stringent performance requirements. ADFAST is a North American sealant and adhesive manufacturer that is concerned about the environment and the health of its users. Adfast focuses on products that are as low in toxicity and contain the lowest VOC levels possible to meet industry standards. The head office, R&D facility, and manufacturing plant is based in North America. ADFAST has over100 employees in combination with 8 sales offices/warehouses to service North America.

Providing reliable products for the following markets:
· Curtain walls, storefronts and entrances
· Doors and windows
· Roof windows and skylights
· Siding
· Ventilation
· Insulation
· Clean rooms
· Food storage
· Masonry
· Plumbing
· Tiling and resilient floors
· Woodworking
· Kitchen and Bath

Product highlights
· ASTM tested
· CAN/ULC certification
· UL certification
· Automated production
· Low V.O.C.
· Full line of accessories (caulking guns, nozzles, backer rods, setting blocks, etc)